Nick Ballon for We Feed The World

'We Feed The World' is a global photography project celebrating small, family farmers and their success in feeding 70% of the world. Nick Ballon was invited by Cheryl Newman to join this project, along a curated selection of 40 photographers. Each photographer will document the life of sustainable, small family farmers across six continents. We Feed The World will result in an exhibiton and a book in 2018.

El Choro, is a Quechuan community, remotely located at 5000 mts above sea level. Such altitudes were more than enough to feel the atmospheric squeeze, yet Nick managed to go up and down the hills in search of the local beekeeper, follow farmers at work, and see them prepare their taditional dish - 'Huatia', which is cooked under the heated ground. Nick was also introduced to their art of good living - 'Sumak Kawsay'. An indigenous philosophy that emphasises the interconnectedness of everything, in harmony with Pachamama (Mother Earth).