Nick Ballon 'Ciudad Rebelde'

For this photo essay, Nick went with writer, and historian Laurence Blair to El Alto to look at the rebellious life of this young Bolivian city. During this fully-packed week, they re-visited the Cholets, wandered around the street markets, met with Aymaran rappers, DIY film makers, and visited Bolivia's Space Agency. The story was featured on the Travelogue of Disgeno Magazine for their Spring Issue, and by It's Nice That.

"El Alto, a cliff-top city of a million people living 4,150m above sea level, showcases the complexities of modern Bolivia. Here, campesinos, salesmen and fortune tellers share a dusty sprawl of half-built brick towers, futuristic cable cars, gaudy pleasure palaces and ramshackle markets with self-taught artists, political radicals and technological experts. The resulting tensions have already toppled one government, are defying another, and will define the future of a country that was once a byword for poverty and isolation." - Laurence Blair