Frankel for McLaren Magazine

Here is Nick Ballon's beautiful series of the official world's best Thoroughbred racehorse, Frankel. This was shot for Northstar to be published in issue 01 of McLaren Magazine. 

During the shoot, Frankel was kept groomed and treated like an A-list celebrity. First the horse had to walk by the studio to smell and familiarise with the  set up. Then, he was put away in his suite, and brought back for intervals of time. A group of horse keepers kept him calm using carrots and other props.  

Facts about Frankel, the horse:

He is now retired to stud, after being the world’s most famous racehorse. With a fee of £125,000 as stallion, which keeps going up as he produced more award winning offsprings. 

On his competition career, Frankel won an unprecedented 14 races. 

He lives in the most exclusive horse accommodation in Newmarket.  Horse heaven on earth.