Jack Hudson's New Book 'The Earth And I'

We are excited to share Jack Hudson's collaboration spanning over the last three years with scientific visionary James Lovelock for Taschen, the outcome being this epic illustrated science book. Including over 80 illustrations inspired by 12 essays written by world class scientists and visionary thinkers. 'The Earth and I' will be hitting the shelves next month.

Watch the animated trailer here.

'Much as the Gaia theory considers our earth as an integrated whole of living systems, The Earth and I encourages holistic understanding. Across 12 chapters, we take in both the intricate details and immense structures of our species and our planet, from our ever-expanding universe to our minuscule but mighty cells. We see stellar explosions and the layers of life beneath our feet, delve into the neuroscience of decision-making, get to grips with our climate, and contemplate our increasing intimacy with technology.'

Jack has art directed and illustrated the entire book which will be out this October, available to preorder here.

You can read more about the book here on Taschens website and find out more about the story of this book from Marlene Taschen here.