To celebrate 400 years of their original swing top bottle, Grolsch introduce the ‘400 years of Originality’ campaign, commissioning directors and artists from Blinkink and Blink Art to create 5 unique films.

Using the iconic swing top as a start point, Kyle Bean and Catherine Losing from Blink Art created a refreshing assortment of engaging and skillfully crafted films as tributes to the famous Grolsch bottle.

Catherine brings the Grolsch bottle into the painting studio. Using the iconic swing top bottle as her blank canvas and armed with an array of colourful paint, she creates a dynamic and vibrant tribute.

Watch Catherine's film here

Kyle Bean goes back to the roots of the brand for his film’s inspiration. ‘Grolsch’ means ‘beer from the green wood’ and Kyle does just that, growing his own version of the green bottle using seedlings and capturing it all with some slick macro timelapse photography.

Watch Kyle's film here