Essy May & Stevie Gee's directorial debut for Mastodons latest music video

Blink Art illustrators and now directing duo Essy May and Stevie Gee release their directorial debut for heavy metal behemoths, Mastodons latest single: 'Steambreather'. 

Directing the live action and 2D animation they have created a promo that tells the story of two Mastodon fans who stumble across a 'Deep Nasal Enlightenment' breathing workshop. Things gradually start to get weird as the 'Breath of Life' class begins to spell 'Death' for the unsuspecting audience. 

Essy and Stevie were able to play to their combined strengths, designing the costumes, logo, flyers, graphics, illustrated nightmare sets and overall production design to create both a real and nightmare world for their characters to inhabit. 

Moving into live action and animation directing is a new and exciting progression for this talented pair that we at Blink believe is just the beginning!