D&AD Awards - Soho not Soso!

We are hugely excited to announce that the mighty 'Soho not Soso!' campaign won a pencil at the D&AD awards last night! As well as this, Blink Productions won most awarded Production Company!

As Soho undergoes rapid development there is a fear that the character of the area is in danger of being lost. 'Soho not Soso!' is a campaign led by Aine Donovan at BBH London which celebrates the culture and creativity associated with Soho. A fantastic line-up of artists created artwork inspired by Berwick Street Market, which has been under threat from developers. Blink Art's Al Murphy, Chrissie Abbott, Pâté, Peter Judson, Rob Flowers, Stevie Gee and Jack Hudson all contributed to the cause.

Not only was this a very powerful and hugely creative and award winning piece of work - it actually worked! For now at least, the Berwick Street Market Traders have been saved!