'Crane' by Dan Wilton

Dan Wilton releases his new photo book ‘Crane’ - a sidelong glance at the sedate world of Swedish bird watching.

Dan was spending time in a little Swedish town called Falköping with his increasingly pregnant wife, one month before his daughter Lola was born. He wanted to photograph something quietly and slowly. It was the right time of year to see the Crane migration and the inherent humour of a flock of birdwatchers appealed, so he set off to take a look. 

Lake Hornborgasjön is an important wetland bird habitat, set within the ancient countryside of Västergötland, Sweden. Each Spring, thousands of Eurasian Cranes stop off at the lake during their annual migration north from their wintering grounds in Spain. 

Most of Cranes gather at the south end of the lake, which is where you’ll find an accompanying gaggle of birdwatchers looking on. Birdwatchers from throughout Europe visit the lake during Crane season.